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Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our Truck and unique carpet cleaning system not only cleans carpet but it sanitizes and restores it.  Our system has steam that reaches up to 280 degrees at the tip of the wand which allows us to clean at a normal temperature of 220 - 230 degrees.  This high temperature allows us to sanitize your carpets and  eliminate dust mites and bed bugs.  The reason we are able to get the steam at such high temperatures is because of the unique way our big truck is set up.  We have a commercial size truck and system that can generate much more heat and vacuum so that the carpets are cleaned deeper and they dry much more quickly because of the true "steam".  The carpets will dry in approximately 3 - 4 hours.  Your carpets will feel much softer and look like new!  Our system will lift the fiber of the carpet which makes it look fresh and restored.

  Some things such as bleach, and  animal urine  will bleach carpet fiber, but almost all stains are eliminated with our system.

We clean oriental rugs on site. 

Majestic Floor Care, LLC

(706) 339-4274

We clean tile for residential and commercial customers in bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, etc. 

Majestic Floor Care, LLC

(706) 339-4274

Water and Sewage Damage

The Majestic Floor Care Truck has a unique system that allows us to use up to 275 degrees steam on sewage damage jobs. Our high steam and strong vacuum system allow us to kill and remove all forms of bacteria and viruses. 

 The Majestic "Big Truck System"  is the only known system in the area that can accomplish this. 

Water Damage

We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week at  (706) 339-4274 for your water damage needs. We work with you, the customer, to make sure that we dry out your home or office to prevent future issues. When a house is improperly dried out it can result in warping floors, smelly carpet and padding, bacterial growth, and mold (to mention a few issues).

Our goal for you is to always give you a clean, healthy environment to live or work in. **

(Mold can occur if a home/business is not properly dried.  This picture is from a home in Hilton Head Island, SC that was not properly dried.)

Sewage Damage

If you have an unfortunate issue of sewage backing up in your home it can be devastating.  We are here to help you remove the sewage back up, dry your home, and remove any and all questionable hazards.**

Call (706) 339-4274 for help or questions.

**Don't let your water or sewage damage become a health hazard.   For the safety of you, your family, and/or your work employees; you must follow the standards given for remediation of  sewage.   Always make sure that all areas are properly contained, sanitized, dried, and removed. 

Mold Remediation and Prevention

Not all mold is dangerous, but mold can be a very serious problem for many people.   Most all mold can be cleaned and removed to keep your environment healthy.  We have researched and cleaned-up mold in homes and businesses  for the last 30 years.  During this time we have seen many health related issues for some people.  We take this very seriously.  All mold jobs should have the proper containment and clean-up protocols in place before any work begins.

Mold Containment

Many people don't even realize that they have a problem.  If you have previous water damage that was not dried properly or completely then you may have an issue behind your walls, your cabinets, under your floors, in your crawl space or basement areas, or even in your A/C system.

We can help you find out what issues you may have.  

No area should ever be opened up without first containing the contaminated area.  Mold spores will travel and contaminate other areas of the home.  Not all mold spores are the same.  There are hundreds of different strands of mold that could risk you or your families health.  

Mold Remediation and Prevention

To prevent mold in your home you should always have any water damage cleaned up and dried out immediately.  If any sheet rock or porous materials are wet they MUST BE removed or dried out completely.  Mold grows rapidly when spores are fed by water and porous materials.  Just putting fans in an area to dry them does not always work.  The surface may dry but the areas not seen may still be wet and mold will grow and spread!

The picture to the right is a wall that was cut out while under containment.  This wall was next to a fireplace where there had been a water leak.  This mold was tested before the wall was removed and it was a very" toxic mold".  Basic article on "toxic mold" (click on this link for more information)

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 The term "toxic mold" refers to molds that produce mycotoxins, such as Stachybotrys chartarum

These are a few things to read on mold and sewage .  There are thousands of articles on the web and research that has been done by very reputable resources.

Educate yourself on what issues you could have...

Research:  Not all mold is toxic.  Not all people suffer from mold illnesses, but if you are immune compromised or have mold allergies, you could have issues from mold exposure.


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